Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My 1st Drawing!!!......"300" facebook LIKEs by July 30th, my birthday!!

So.......I heard that F.B can get a lil persnickety about giving away stuff on your f.b I decided to bring My Drawing to my blog instead....:))

If by My Birthday....JULY fb page gets to "300" LIKEs.....then I will hold a random drawing with all of your names and the winner will get a gift from me with a value of no more than $20 of any of my goodies through Sadie Lane!!!!

The Prize Item(s) has not yet been determined...........CoMiNg SooN!!! Stay Tuned :))


  1. We will definitely make it happen! Ummmm I'd like to see that red box with those JUNK letter and a mason jar! HAHAHAH JUST KIDDING...but i will be buying that from you one day!

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